FMH Guidance

Leicester Quaker Meeting House Guidance for Users after 19th July 2021

The Meeting House is following Government guidance

We recommend that you follow the procedures set out below. However, the Government is clear that each person must take responsibility for their own safety.

• We recommend that all users of the building:
o maintain a social distance of 1 metre from other people.
o keep windows open to ensure good ventilation;
o follow the government guidance on keeping yourself and others safe.

You can find the Government guidance at

In order to help keep everyone safe;
• we will continue to implement extra cleaning of frequently touched surfaces. For other items, our normal cleaning regime will resume.
• we will place guidance on the door of each room about its capacity on the basis of 1 metre social distancing
• we will ensure the rooms are well ventilated before groups use them

To help keep yourselves and others using the building safe, we ask that you:
• wear masks in the lobbies and corridors (where you are most likely to meet people from other groups) unless you are exempt from wearing a face covering.
• consider continuing to wear masks at all times when inside the building
• provide the contact details of all attendees on the form provided for track and trace purposes.
• Enter the building by the door from the garden but use the fire door in the room you are using to exit the building.
• do not linger in the lobbies or corridors.

Use of the kitchen. If you need to use the kitchen please…..
• Wear a mask
• Ensure there are no more than 2 persons in the kitchen at any one time
• Wait for the previous users to leave before entering
• Wipe surfaces after use
• Use the dishwasher. Do not handwash items that can go in the dishwasher.

Please follow the procedures above and help to keep all users of the building safe. If you do not do this, you may be asked not to use the building.