Annual Exhibition

This year's exhibition will be held once more at Christchurch Clarendon Park Rd, Leicester LE2 3AH, and will include print and projected image sections.

The exhibition will run from Friday evening 10th May till Saturday afternoon 11th May.

Projected images will be shown on a big screen on the Friday evening, after the presentation of awards, and as a continuous slideshow on a digital display during the Saturday.

There has been a very good entry of projected images this year with a total of 571 submitted. Print entries however are down again with only 243 received, which is a drop for the second year. Because of the small number of prints it hasn't been necessary to reject any. 358 projected images have been accepted for display. Selection and judging were performed by Andrzej Jablonski LBIPP LMPA LRPS. Lists of accepted images and award winners:

Accepted images from members

Accepted images from other entrants

If you would like to display a poster advertising the exhibition in your club, or any other venue, it can be downloaded here:

Exhibition Poster

We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.